Reset Counter Canon i250, i255, i350, i355

To reset waste ink counter pad in Canon i250, i255, i350, i355 there are two Steps, that is reset manual and reset use software resetter (general tool). Whereas reset manual any two methode can be used. Here Complete tutorial to reset waste ink counter for Canon i250, i255, i350, i355 printers

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Reset Canon Pixma IP 4200

You can reset the entire printer with the WASTE TANK reset (below) when you need to clean or change the waste tank PAD (its really not a tank) See the above instructions for the i960 and similar for other Canon printer waste tank changes.

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Disabling Low Ink Level Notification for Canon IP and MP

The reset method work for canon printers that using PG-40 and CL-41 cartridges. After doing this reset method your printer will not display low ink notification anymore and will not show error code “E4″ or “E5″. This method takes from indoreset yahoo group and prepared by Choy. Here how, the method to reset ink level notification:

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Reset Canon IP2000 / 3000

Hard Reset for Canon Pixma IP2000 or IP3000 and they have the same way to reset. Just do step by step like this

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Reset Samsung All-in-One SCX-4521F

From Samsung site: 1. Press MENU # 1 9 3 4 in sequence rapidly. The LCD panel should now display TECH. 2. Press MENU, and then press ENTER. The LCD panel will display Tech Mode. 3. Press the left arrow (<) button once. The operator panel will display NEW CARTRIDGE. 4. Press ENTER. The operator panel will display [YES]. 5. …

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Refilling Cartridge Tips

Here is the lists of information that you should know before you refill the cartridge.

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Reset Protection Counter for Epson R220 and R230

Epson Photo Stylus R230

If you are looking for Epson Stylus Photo R220 and R230, Its' here is. It's ready to reset for your Epson Printer Please follow the steps below to reset the protection counter effectively.

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Epson T11, T10, T20, S20 Reset Counter

Epson Stylus T11/T10

I make a tutorial about resetting Epson T11 step by step (without adjustment program). I have done this method and it works but I am not responsible if an error occurs to your printer. It's high risk for your printer. It's high risk for your printers.

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