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Hewlett-Packard Reset Counter

Reset toner Hp 107A – HP 107W

HP 107A – 107W, you can not refill ink as usual, you must to replace counter chip when printer report toner low or empty error (that’s mean, ink still inside toner). So here Resetcounter show you some steps to reset toner no need to replace chip. Step 1 : Turn off printer, pull out toner and and cover the cartridge …

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Ink Level Reset for Cartridges HP 21, HP 27, HP 56, HP 58, HP 22, HP28 and HP 57

Printer cartridges HP 21-HP 27-HP 56-HP 58-HP 22-HP28 and HP 57, all cartridge is the same pin map and they use for each HP Printer. So they have the same way to reset. Here are all steps to reset counter for it: Turn your computer OFF and then remove cartridge from printer. Turn printer off Place a piece of tape …

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HP Printers Maintenance Message Reset Methods

To clear the Maintenance Service Message from the LCD display for following HP Printers: HP IIISi, HP 4Si, HP 5Si, HP 4000/4050/4100/5000, HP 4100MPF/4101MPF, HP 4200/4300, HP 4240/4250/4350, HP 4500/4550, HP 8000/8100/8150, HP 9000 Printers. HP IIISi Printers: Press ONLINE until the light goes off Hold down MENU until PCL CONFIG MENU appears Press the MENU key until SERVICE MSG=ON* …

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Reset Ink Level HP Cartidges HP 21,22,27,28,56,57,58

Cartridges HP21 and HP22 can be found on the following printer, Hp deskjet 3920, D2400 series, D2466, D1300 series, PSC 1402, 1410 and many Hp printer again. Problem on the HP printer, if indicator ink level cartridges is empty, the printer cannot be use to print.  (This methode can be used for HP Cartidges HP 27, HP, 28, HP 56, …

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Reset the maintenance count on an HP Laserjet 4200, 4300, 9000 4250, 4350, and 2400

Some line of products of HP LaserJet  have manual reset methods which  we can reset page counter without reset software. This method can apply to HP Laserjet 4200, 4300, 9000 4250, 4350, and 2400. Have fun! Turn the Printer on. Press and hold down the checkmark (Select) button while the memory is counting. The memory starts counting at 000MB immediately …

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