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How to reset counter on Samsung ML-2510

Samsung ML-2510, when you insert a new toner printer sends a pulse on the fuse and it blows, and samsung detects new toner has been installed with starter toner cartridge. And this is the way Samsung tell user must replace toner with new.

You can try this:
– You should purchase a reset fuse with 250mAh and 3/4″ inch long (20 mm) round glass with metal ends like this.

– The electrical contacts are not in the cartridge but inside the printer: There is a plastic fuse holder on the cartridge, even the starter cartridge. You just simply pop it into the holder. This will stop the flashing red LED and the system tray will say the cartridge is full.

This way is applied to refill toner cartridge.

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  1. my samsung ml-2510 is blinking in red light. the report told me i still have 500pages for tht, try to insert 250mah fuse, it blow, but the counter still remain the same (nothing happen, not reset). any idea to reset it?

  2. A 250mA fuse is to large. This cartridge actually comes from Samsung with a 60mA fuse in it but a 100mA fuse can be used successfully. If you can’t find one locally, we sell them here… http://www.tonerkits.com/scx4521-3.html. Look in the Accessories section at the bottom of the page.

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