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Reset Counter Epson T11 without software

If you want to reset your printer (epson T-11) without software adjustment, follow this instruction step by step :

Step :
1. Prepare tools : Screwdriver + and – , scissor and cable wire

2. Open Body printer :

3. Detach paper barrier

After detach paper barrier :

4.  Detach cables (power & data)
5. Open mainboard :

Chip on red cirle to be focus attention :

6.  Strecht the cable :

7. Connect cable wire to pin 1-4 (like showed in this picture) :
8. Put mainboad to printer and don’t forget to attach data and power cable to mainboard, and screw mainboard.
9. Turn on the printer. Base on my experience it will work. Notice there’s no blink anymore
10. Turn off the printer.
11. Take mainboard.
12. Detach cable wire which connected to pin 1-4
13. Then put mainboard to printer again (don’t forget to attach data and power cable to mainboard and strength the screw)
14. Turn on the printer again
15. Finish
After step 10, don’t forget to detach cable wire which connected to pin 1-4. If you forget it, computer will read your printer as Epson S 20.

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  1. Plz let me know only 1 & 4 pin should connect?

    • Hi,
      This method (short pin 1&4 on eprom) should not do at home. You can lose you printer if something go wrong. Reset by software tool is recommended!

  2. I have a epson t11 printer i do reset the printer by connecting the 1–,4 terminal of the 8 leg ic in the motherboard of the printer, after that the blinking light was gone i thought my printer was fixed but is not. After grounding the terminal my printer turns to S20 I do got a big problem the printer doesn’t recognize the ink cartridge at all.. How can i return my T10 printer to its original settings??? somebody!! pls!!

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