Reset Counter Samsung ML-1660/1665/1666/1860/1865

Samsung has made new compact model and special for internet printer version with one touch print screen captured function. You can get it with cheap price and suitable for family and small office use only. Samsung ML-1660 can print up to 1500 pages with starter cartridge. But you must to buy new cartridge when starter cartridge is out. I think nobody want to buy new when drum cartridge is still new and bright. So we can refill it, but you will get headache to reset counter for Samsung ML-1660/1665/1666. There are many ways to reset it by software and hardware. Here we show you some version of reset tools.


– Do it with your own risk, think twice before start to use it.
– Although Samsung ML-1860/1865 is the same product line to 1660/1665, but we have not tested with this firmware, please take care before re-programming.

Download Links

Samsung ML-1660/1665/1666 Firmware V82.00.78

Samsung ML-1660/1665/1666 Firmware V01.00.30

Samsung ML-1660/1665/1666 Firmware V01.00.34


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