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Reset Epson T50 and T60 without error 21000068

Here the reset method from Jagdish Rathore:

  1. Turn off printer and open printer.
  2. Open your Epson main PCB board.  You can view an 8 pin CMOS IC.  That is Epson waste ink counter IC and found on all Epson Printer.
    step 1 T50 -T60 resetting
  3. You can reset your printer without any resetter by following these ways.
  4. Soldering pin no 1,2,3,4 by wire  as show in PICTURE and now turn on printer for ”20 second”
    step 2 T50 -T60 resetting
  5. After 20 second turn off printer  and remove soldering wire from pin no. 1,2,3,4 ( back in original condition)
  6. Now turn on your printer
  7. And now your printer will be RESET

Note: This method is not recommended for beginners so you have to understand what you are doing. All problem caused by this tutorials is not our responsibility. Use this tutorial as your own risk.

Or by try this software:

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  2. Thanks IMRAN, we have updated article with your file by MediaFire

  3. Thank you very much Imran. May Great God Bless you. You have solved a great problem for me.
    Shahid Aziz form Rawalpindi.

  4. i want printer adjustment epson t50

  5. AOA,
    I have used this software to reset my printer T60, i am thankful for you lot of more for this act of kindness, God bless you and may you live long, you saved my visit to machnic and time, i am far off from multan and lhr 500 Km.
    Thanks of Lot

  6. I need epson t60 chip resetter sofware, I tried using the software provided by Mr.Imran but it is not working for me properly. The problem is, there are two counters in the waste ink pad counter in that main counter is resetting but where as the another one is not happening when i am doing the initialization using the software, what could be the problem? can anybody suggest me. It would be great help for me.


  7. Please somebody helpme for getting the EpsonT60 adjustment sofware, i need it very badly, i tried with software given by Mr.Imran but still i am facing the same problem. The main counter is resetting but whereas the another one (Pad counter) is not resetting.



  8. i have restore t50 eeprom to t60. How can I restore it to t60. Please Help!


  10. yar koi help krega


  12. Wow man this really works!!!!

    thank you very much for sharing it.!!

    God Bless and more power!

    Ever so thankful;

  13. Thank you very much.Jagdish Rathore: May Great God Bless you. You have solved a great problem for me.

  14. tnx.

  15. Thank for Your sharing T60 for
    I am really OK..

  16. Excelente aporte amigo, eres un genio!!!

    saludos desde México!!!

  17. very good imran

  18. Thanks man,
    it really works..
    I’ve downloaded a lot of t60 resetter and this t50 adjustment program works
    all i have to do was just adjust my computer date to october 7, 2007
    and whoala! it resets all the data

  19. ThZ u IMRAN it really works ^^

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