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Reset Samsung ML 1660

Now I have not gotten any Samsung ML-1660, but I have method to reset page counter Samsung ML 1660 for you. So that, you must to do this with your own risk. Remember, don’t turn off your printer when reflashing. Try as below:

1. Download Flash ROM bin file at the end.

2. When download completed, unzip it and you will get two files  usbprns2 and FIX_ML-1660_v.82.00.78

3. Make sure that your printer connected to your computer completely.

4. Drag and drop file FIX_ML-1660_v.82.00.78 to usbprns2

5. Wait for reflash until green light is on. Don’t turn off your printer when reflashing. Light will go RED to ORGAN and GREEN, just wait!

And congratulation! Your printer have been resetted

Download : HotFile

PS: There’s a new method but it’s not tested. You can try it:

– Cover Vcc pin on Toner Chip with tape
– Put you cartridge into printer and turn it on.
– Red light will be on, but you can print out normally.

Try it and Good luck!

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  1. I did what it says here..
    and the red light has been reflashing for more than an hour now..
    what to do..Please HELP….

  2. It’s maybe wrong ROM version. You can turn it off if red/green is keep blinking. And now Samsung have not supplied any update firmware tool in their website, I will show new way for you soon,…

  3. I did what you say but it’s give it to me yellow& orange light and then the printer it didn’t work completely.
    when i turn it of it didn’t responding. please help me.

  4. @Mody: Did you wait for reflashing completely? If you turn it off when reflashing, your printer maybe will be dead. Try press and hold button when turn on printer, if red light is on, you can do it again. Hope help you!

  5. I forget to tell you when i use the firmware it gave it to me on my pc responding for Samsung ml- 1640.
    I’m so sorry i appreciate your help.

    Thanks a lot


  7. Hi,
    My ML-1660 firmware is V1.01.00.34. Will this program work on my printer?

  8. Don’t use this software, it makes your printer finally out of work

  9. Please help i use this program but my printer make flash red/green about 30 Minutes … what can i do

    • You can turn your printer off for one or more minutes. Press button on top until turn on printer, the light will blink (red/yellow). And then you can reflash firmware again. Hope help you out.

  10. This softwere is for “ML1665 V1.01.00.30” not ML 1660. Maybe will work os some ML 1660.

  11. Can i use it for samsung scx-3200

  12. I download and follow the steps above. I saw the light reflashing and waited for nearly an hour. I turned my printer off and turned on afterwards. Then, I did it again and It still reflashing red/green for another hour. How can I do now? It really made me annoyed.

  13. I tried both programs. the one posted by @resetcounter reflashing for 15 minutes b4 i turned it off. the one posted by @Bingo gave me yellow/orange. anyhow neither one works.

    • You must to keep an eye in your firmware version, this is 1660_v.82.00.78, I think it can not work because wrong version. We will keep to post new fix for it.

  14. please help me,, my problem about the SAMSUNG ML-1660 red light error..can’t print….

  15. I “ML1660 V1.01.00.34f” version of the software need to have a chip

  16. please help me,, my problem about the SAMSUNG ML-1660 red light error..can’t print….

    • Did you try to stick VCC pin on toner chip with tape? RED light will be on but you can print out normally. Good luck!

  17. samsung launched a new laser printer last month samsung ML1670 last month,do you have this modle’s reset page counter,if you have,I can buy one from u.

  18. Hello,
    My printer is ML-1660/XSG, how can I check the firmware version?

  19. i try

    its work now smart pennal shows 100% toner and toner counter started from 1 but still total page counter not reset below ram size

  20. how can i know the frimware

    • To know your firmware version, you can try this:
      – Hold down “Print Screen” button for 5s and press Power On
      – Wait until printer print out “Information Page”
      – Look at line “OS Version” you will see “v1.01 .00.XX”, with XX is your version number.

  21. work’s fine for me http://hotfile.com/dl/78172625/58935f6/1660v30.zip.html with Cover Vcc pin on Toner Chip with tape thanx .

  22. samsung ml 1660 restset drivers

  23. what about ML1675 ??

  24. oh No…………..grummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  25. is there any solution for ML-1670 ? thanks

  26. i still have a problem with this printer to reset. can you help me?

  27. We need ML1675 unlock firmware / reset tool

  28. Is there a reset solution for ML 1675?

  29. ما حصلش حاجة ايه دة

  30. Samsung ML-1660/SEE,

    used (FIX_ML-1660_v.82.00.78) – Light goes red-green for 15-20 minutes …

    what can I do now???

  31. It don’t work for my printer… i tried reset it with two versions, but nothing. the light was reflashing and waited… thanks

    • You must to check your firmware version before try to reflash. If your firmware version is not match with upper uploaded firmwares, we will update soon

  32. what about fix firmware ml -1670 v1.1.0.4f

  33. my samsung ml 1666 printer’s yellow and orange light on but not responding the printer ….. please help me

  34. I am also
    I did what it says here..
    and the red light has been reflashing for more than an hour now..
    what to do..Please HELP….

    • This post is not able to help to reset all cases. You must find firmware version that match to your printer firmware. After that, remove toner chip out of toner cartridge before try to reflash firmware. If not, we must try other method. We will update new method to reset for Samsung ML-1660 soon. Please keep tracking this topic.

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