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Reset Samsung SCX-4300 Tools

The SAMSUNG SCX-4300 is small, yet powerful. Despite its diminutive 16.00″ x 14.25″ x 9.10″ dimensions, it cranks out 600 x 600 dpi documents at a rate of 19 ppm. It also has a monthly duty cycle of 10000 pages. The SCX-4300 is versatile, too, with ID Card, Auto Fit, N-up, Clone and Poster copy modes. And a rich matte black finish gives a contemporary feel to your workplace. With the SAMSUNG SCX-4300, it’s not hard to imagine. But how to ResetCounter for it? Here’s it

1. First, download below tool as RAR and extract compressed file.
2. Run fix.bat and get an Command Line Screen, Press Enter. You will get FIX_SCX4300_V1.13_Fact_romdl.hd

  • Press <MENU> again, LCD show DATA SETUP
  • Press <OK> and <RIGHT> until LCD show FLASH UPGRADE -> Select LOCAL and Press <OK>

3. Run download.bat, and wait for a few seconds.

Notice: If your printer ‘s not responded for long time you can turn it off and on again. You can have to re-install printer driver for it.

4. Continue to do steps below:

  • Press <MENU> again, LCD show CLEAR COUNTERS -> CLEAR ALL CNT -> <OK>
  • Wait for RED light is on and turn off your printer.

5. And now use a pickup tool or what thing in your hand remove counter chip on toner cartridge out. It’s OK now!

Now good luck and anything else please comment here!

Download Reset Counter for SCX-4300 V1.13

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  1. samsung 4300 give massage replace toner cartidge

    • This tool has been tested by me. It’s maybe you have missed or been wrong some steps. You must to press fast and exactly button to button not hold any button. Keep try, you can do it!

  2. Fine ……

  3. Sir, I already try this trick,Tricks is success done my pc and printer….but still now my printer is error..Toner Exhusted…Replace toner….This time what i do?

    • I think there’s something wrong in you steps to reset toner. Because the upper guiding steps will reset printer status to initial install toner cartridge, so “Toner Exhausted” will be clear.

      Try to do it again. This method has been tested and successed

  4. very good
    please education reset scx 4600

  5. very very good
    thank you

  6. where is the download link?

  7. Is this an effective way or is it a trick obsolete, and any releases Let’s effective and please attach a link

  8. Thank you so much, It worked correctly
    It was interesting for me
    I saved about 20$ or even more. Because some printer repairers give about 20$ for it in Iran.
    P.S. Does the HP procedure work for HP M1522 MFP too?
    Thank you anyway.

  9. If this does not work, remove the chip from the toner, you can find this chip behind the 4 vents in the back of the toner and voila.

  10. Hi, i have got Samsung scx-4200, searching program that use not chip for a long time but i don’t find resetter program. Upper application used but didn’t. What i must samsung scx-4200 writer use no chips. Can you help me please

  11. I done all steps but this message displayed in lcd: “Jam 1 or install Toner”
    Thank you anyway.

    • You can do it again step by step. We have tested this method thousands times and always success. You can try to pull out and push in you toner cartridge again before reset counter.
      Good luck.

  12. I filled toner and changed chip. I want to use less chip.i did search at google samsung scx-4200 count resetter/fix firmware/e.t.c. Found some update program. Used it programs and update my printer Flash Rom. Because look at Lcd Panel “Flash Erasing”,”Programming”, “OK”,etc. and i did Clear Count at TECH Menu one by one. Restarted printer. Toner is empty still. It not word when i closed on chip with band. I want to use less Chips. So help me please. I am searching program used wit Device Serial No. Thanks alot anyway.
    idemirlek@hotmail.com my address

  13. Please publish counter reset method for SCX-4200

    • Hi ibrahim,

      Currently, we have had SCX-4200 reset tool, but it need a electronic device (Com DB9 Cable Reset) to connect and write eprom, so we afraid that you can not do it at home with yourself. But we keep searching a software solution for everyone can do it more easier. Thank for your attention and keep be back tomorrow you maybe get way out.

  14. I have dloaded the software given here and followed the steps and my printer is printing now . i Had t reinstall the drivers as the pc was asking for
    OEMUI.ver on samsung.

    BUT it shows the RED light and gives the message toner is empty though it is printing nicely. I understand i will have to open the chip from the cartidge which i cant understand how to do but i had read a new alternative.

    FIXING a cellotape on the 4 pin slots on the cartridge may solve the problem instantly. Can it be done without harming the printer ??!????

    • Hi AMALLICK,
      When pc ask for OEMUI.ver, It can be missed (or can not access file) when you reinstall driver for printer. Try to download newest driver version and reinstall it.
      Some users have suggested me to remove chip or seal all 4 pins by tape. It can not harm to printer, because the simple thing is printer can not write page counter to EPROM on toner chip.

  15. ResetCOunter

    Thanks for your response.

    I installed latest driver and printer is printing ok but the page coming out is VERY VERY HOT . I think something is wrong.

    I havent replaced the cartridge and its still there abd the printer shows redlight and TONER EMPTY message as well.

    • Hi A MALLICK,

      If page ‘s printed out VERY VERY HOT as you said, you can change type of paper in printer properties page. Page print out with high temperature belong to type of paper thick or thin. RED light is up, but it still print out normally.

  16. HI.After flashing ……. scanner error…i used fix1.13 ,1.16 and 1.18.same problem.
    Pls help me.

  17. I have a problem after flashing and cleaning counter also red led is blinking but I removed chip from toner and My printer printing without any message or led blinking

  18. Works very well, thank you!

  19. I have Flash 1.16
    Engine V1.01.26

    Please help me to find the firmware

  20. I will be grateful if someone gives me the software for reset 1.16 version

  21. Dear sir

    my printer samsung scx-4300 printer henging mode heng display/printer plz help me not conect printer my leptop display mode #######

  22. Thank you a lot ! very nice work .

  23. samsung scx4300 give toner exhausted replace toner error

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