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Reset Page Counter for Samsung ML-1640, ML-2240 all firmware version

Samsung ML-1640 and ML-2240, a compact and cheep price and suitable for home and small office, has a starter Toner Cartridge can print maximum about 700 pages. It’s very easy to refill but it will make you mad sometimes when red light is on. So what’s happen? Samsung (maybe me if I made it 😆 ) don’t like customers refill tone cartridge so they placed a counter chip on mainboard. If you are an technican, it will be very easy (how to do, I will post up later). There many of articles about how to reset Samsung ML-1640, but I think almost of its are all fail because Samsung has changed Counter Chips and Firmware (from .83 to .93). After a long time I have resetted alot of Samsung ML-1640, I wanna give to all this tool. All free!

This tool has two batch files have been named step1.bat and step2.bat to make all thing become easy. Everything you need have just do step by step as Readme.txt and wait for self reflashing routing active.

How to check firmware version?
– Turn on your printer (red light still on).
– Press and hold down until data light on.
– Your printer will printe out self test page. Read carefully to find out what’s your firmware version. Good luck!

– Do it with your own risk.
– Don’t turn off printer when reflashing.


– If red light still is on, you can turn of your printer and start to reflash from begin.
– If you can not make anything better, go to Samsung website and download reflash tool (ML1640_V1010083.exe) to reflash it back to very first firmware version.


ML-1640 Firmware 60
ML-1640 Firmware 83
ML-1640 Firmware 93

ML-1640 Firmware 96
ML-2240 Firmware 83
ML-2240 Firmware 93
ML-2240 Firmware 96


PS: Any more help pls comment here! I will reply all.

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  1. i’ve got ml 1660, the toner’s empty, but i refill it already…… but it is say’s empty toner….
    can you help me pls….. A.S.A.P…

  2. worked fine, pagecount still on, but toner accepted, at last. thanks

  3. Superb…Working fine

  4. thank you very much! your advices are perfect! I had to rip off my toners chip and used your program, and it worked perfect!
    tnx again 😉

  5. Hi,
    I have a Samsung ML-2240 the same problem; the light is red and it’s telling me to replace the toner.
    Do you have a solution? pls help me

  6. I refilled my samsung laser printer but now it shows toner low i checked the toner again but it is almost full with ink. So how can i reset my toner counter.
    my printer’s os version
    engine version 1.00.50
    SPL version 5.07

  7. Just do step by step as upper article. Hope this help you

  8. Hi, I tried it and it worked.
    I would just like to say, that I have wait about 10 minutes and only yellow light for paper was blinking. Then I turn off and turn on my printer and there was no red light anymore.
    Thank you very much for this great solution!

  9. it works fine
    now it shows
    toner page count/toner remaining/toner status: 0/100%/normal
    initial toner page count: 0

  10. does it work with vista? I already had a page-counter (downloaded it 1 year ago), but works only on windows xp.
    Does this work on vista or windows 7?

  11. Just used this on our Samsung ML-1640, worked a treat. Thanks.

  12. Thank you
    it works greats

  13. thanks indeed for this useful link .. It’s working well … thanks samsung co.

  14. is it working for os version 1.01.00 93 ?

  15. hi
    I need reset counter for SCX-4300.

  16. Hi, please I need print reset for SCX-3200… thax. 🙂

  17. thnks brother it’s working
    nice posting
    thnaku very mutch

  18. Hi It seems like working still my printer is showing red light and status is showing toner exhausted, after running 2.bat it is showing green light for 2 second and after that it cames to red light

  19. hai, i have tries it five times but not working, light flashing continuously abt printer not getting ready. any other options?

    • You must to check twice your firmware version, if it’s 83-93, it will work. If it is not, you will fair to reset counter with this.

  20. hey folks,

    unfortunately my printer got updated firmware, and after multiple tries to reset the counter it is still not printing…

    i was able to successfully get the counter to 0 but again after i rebooted the printer it got it intial count and started giving message “toner exhausted”.

    any help will be appriciated.


    • As upper reply, this tool only for 83, 93.

      We will keep tracking for new methods to do with new Samsung firmware version

  21. i also tried to downgrade the firware using the tool “usb____.exe” without success, the only effect of the tool is that the printer shows flashing light continuosly until i restart it..


  23. plz help me reset my samsung ml-1640 printer chip

  24. Does anyone have a copy of ML1640_V1010083.exe?

    There isn’t one on Sumsung’s website

  25. My ML-1640 printer was upgraded to firmware 96. How to I roll this back to 83 or 93? Nor can I find an 83 or 93 firmware file on the Internet. Samsung are no help.

    • As I know, your Samsung printer can not downgrade firmware down to 83 or lower, but if you want, I will upload ML1640_V1010083.exe for you. I have tried to downgrade but failed, but why don’t you try more!

  26. Thanks……. It worked fine for me. But the Printer seems to be a bit slow now.

  27. thanks my ml 1640 is working now

  28. thanks lot its working…

  29. is working thanks a lot…

  30. Thanks a TON…worked great. I didn’t get the green light right after more than 5 minutes, but it came up after a power cycle. Thanks again.

  31. I have a printer samsung ml-1640 , when inserted toner cartridge so error massage of black toner cartridge is not installed pls help me? how to clear an error

    • You first check your firmware version,(etc, v83, 93, 96…) and select the same firmware version for your printer. We are updating lastest firmware version for Samsung ML-1640

  32. Worked!..did reset the count too!!!!…..:D…Thanks alot!!!!!

  33. Hi,
    I have A Ml-1640/xip, Mono Laser Printer who gone to change cartige. So, I want to refill old toner, I tried here your system & follow your guide but When i download your software that not include .exe soft. My printer soft ver. V1.01.00.93(LF). So, Now what can I do? Please Honestly help me.

  34. My Samsung ML 1640
    OS Version is 3-28-2008
    Engine Version 1.00.44

    please suggest the s/w which can reset the counter.

    • You can download upper reset tool. But first you must to upgrade your firmware form .66 to .83 and use it until next toner exhausted . Now you can drap file FIX_ML1640_V1010083.fls to usbprns2.exe and wait
      Good luck!

  35. Great Working Good But How Many Priint Page……Please any budy tell me..

  36. I have all the firmware. icq 372333495
    This is not a complete list.


    ML-1640 v1.01.00.60/83/91/93/96
    ML-1641 v1.01.00.60/83/91/93/96
    ML-1660/1665 v1.01.00.30/33/34
    ML-1860/1865 v1.01.00.30/33/34
    ML-2240 v1.01.00.83/84/91/93/96
    ML-2241 v1.01.00.83/84/91/93/96
    ML-2245 v1.01.00.83/84/91/93/96
    ML-1910 v1.01.00.73/77/82/83
    ML-1915 v1.01.00.73/77/82/83
    ML-2520 v1.01.00.49/54
    ML-2525 v1.01.00.49/84
    ML-2580 v1.01.00.77/79/81/83
    SCX-4300 v1.13/16/18/21/23/25
    SCX-4600 v2.01.00.93/95/96
    SCX-4600 v2.01.00.99
    SCX-4623FN v2.01.00.93/95 /96
    SCX-4623FN v2.01.00.99
    SCX-4824FN v1.01.00.30/36/41/45
    SCX-3200/3205 v3.00.01.06/07/08
    CLP-310/315/315N v1.01.11.18/66/67
    CLP-320/320N/325 v1.00.01.19/34
    CLX-3180FN/3185 v1.01.01.22/24/35


    Phaser 3100 MFP S/X v2.07m
    Phaser 3140 v1.50.00.73/77
    Phaser 3155 v1.01.00.49
    Phaser 3160 v1.01.00.62/79
    WC 3210/3220 v1.01.00.95

  37. is this permenent solution or we have to reset every time

  38. It worked on a ML-1640 with 91 firmware, thanks a lot. But you must turn off virus protection to first.

  39. Worked just fine. Thanks just fine.

  40. thanks a lot it worked for me very fine best method 🙂

  41. sorry guys, this is not working at all with my current firmware v.96. the reflashing is not taking place at all, the printer only blinks very very quickly in red/green mode, i’ve been waiting 15 minutes and it does not stop blinking.

  42. I use the v.96 firmware but it restarted and it still lights red

    • Please check again you have done all steps correctly. Check papers are ready in tray. It will be ok. We have done successful hundred times for this samsung product line.

  43. Thanks a lot!!

    Worked perfectly for me!!

  44. How do i reset Samsung ML1670. Have i to look for firmware (and is there any that is free) or is it possible to just short some pins as in ML 1640

  45. Works directly ! Counter is 0.
    Many thx to Resetcounter.

  46. I did the process, it worked fine. Thank you very much dude.

    However, after going through the process, only a yellow light was blinking until I lost my patience and powered the printer off. But the counter was reset.

    Thank you again.

  47. Thanks a lot. It was great. It worked exactly like you described for my ML-1640: Light get from red to organ and final green in less than five second.

  48. superb ! best solutions so far! Please send me also another printer solutions.

    Thanking You.


  49. i tried several times but no success.red light changes to organ and final green but after two seconds it changes back to red again.os version is 1.01.0096f 09-07-2010
    and engine version is 1.10.50.

    any help?

  50. Hi, it does not work on my printer. My firmware version is 1.01.0096f 09-07-2010 and engine version is 1.00.47

    • You can try again, remember, remove all usb device before reflash firmware, and download right your firmware version v96


    RAM SIZE 8 Mbytes
    Total Page Count 2012
    OS Version 09-30-2008
    Engine Version 1.00.49
    SPL Version 5.07 06-27-2006
    USB S/N 0000-00000000000
    Service Dt. 2010-7-5

    Which firmware solution should i use?


    • Hi,
      As your test information:

      OS Version 09-30-2008

      Your firmware version is v78. The basic method, first you find firmware that match to your current firmware. If not, you will must to upgrade to nearest firmware version (v83 is recommended).

      Hope help you.

  52. firmware of ml 2240 is upgraded to but still red led for toner status is on.

    • You can tell me more, you have reflashed by which file? You should drag and drop file FIX_ML2240_V1010083.fls to usbprns2.exe

  53. At first when i check the printer it had the firmware of version, and the status was “toner exhausted” then i upgraded to firmware 93f i.e. i drawn the file FIX_ML2240_V1010093.fls to usbprns2 afterthat the printer restarted with orange light flashing then after some time power led is green but toner exhausted light”red” again flashing, So please help me on this matter.

    • Your firmware version is v77. So as you know, you can upgrade to nearest firmware version. In this case, v83 is recommended. Please try again with v83.

  54. Hi for reset counter team. It`s great what you do!

    Please fix the “ML-1640 Firmware 60” download link.

    I wish you all goods!

  55. Hi again, If I have old version,for example v83,Can i upgrade with firmware v96 for print samsung ML1640? TNX

  56. any solution for Wrong Firmware installed in Samsung ML-2240, installed wrong firmware for ML-1640

    • You can download exactly your firmware version for ML-2140 and do as follow steps:
      – Turn off your printer (un-plug power cord is needed!)
      – Hold Cancel Button for 5s, and turn on your printer. You will see light red-organ is blinking, your printer is in upgrade firmware mode.
      – Now you drag and drop firmware file to flashing tool (usbprns2.exe)

      Good luck!

  57. Hey hi..!!
    I got my OS v: and engine version is 1.00.50 the file you are providing are not getting downloaded please help for the same

    Wish you luck..!! 🙂

    • Hi Sanchit,
      I don’t understand what you said. But as you said, your firmware version is v83, you can reflash with the same version or upgrade to higher.

  58. Mr Reset counter ,
    can you help me to find reset for samsuns ML-1675

  59. My ML 1640 firmware version is v75. To reset the counter, which version of firmware needs to be downloaded and if possible the link please 🙂

    • My ML 1640 firmware version is v75. To reset the counter, which version of firmware needs to be downloaded and if possible the link please

      You can upgrade to next version, that’s v.83

  60. Armando Rodrigues

    I have one ml-1640 v1.29.00.84 and i tried every firmware. When I turn on, the led blinks very quickly red/green/red/green…what i do?

  61. I printed a test page.

    my version is OS version; 05-13-2009

    I never refilled a toner so, i have some questions..

    i see alot of people selling resetchips for ML1640? where are these for?

    I have a starttoner, and it is empty now, can i open it up, put in some powder
    and then reset the counter wit above firmware?

    my local shops say i need to buy some chip and a chipholder before i can refill the starttoner? is that true?

    • Hi Ramones,
      You can read guide post once again you will see which firmware is suitable for your printer. We are having nearest your firmware version is v93 (you must to get higher version if you can not get match your firmware version). You just do step by step as upper article you can reset your counter to zero but no need to buy any chips. You can believe me. We have done thousands of ML-1640 with this tool.

  62. how dawnload firmwear sl m2070w v3.00.01.17

  63. samsung ml 1640 having problem in printing though i refilled my toner it says toner exhausted/replace toner 108 error code (MLT-D108S) plz help

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