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Refilling Cartridge Tips

  • Always refill the cartridge BEFORE its empty, prepare the refill kit in your home/office for emergency, when the time comes.
  • Don’t refill the cartridge that you have stored in your drawl (because it’s dried up) unless you know how to store it.
  • Always inject the ink SLOWLY, as slow as you can.
    If you refill too fast, it will create air bubbles inside the cartridge that decrease the performance of printing result. Beside that, the ink may come from the refill hole so it will be messy refilling process.
  • Don’t OVERFILL. You can refill LESS but never too much.
    The excessive ink inside the cartridge will give the pressure to the sponge and become ink leak from the nozzle.
  • Try to avoid touching the cartridge’s circuit if possible
  • Find the place that less distraction for you during the refilling process expecially if you refill at the first time.
  • Cover the table where you refill the cartridge with old newspaper.
  • Use the old clothes if you are in doubt and use the supplied gloves if any.
  • Prepare some tissues, toilet tissue is good enough.
  • Leave the cartridge in upright position for 24 hours before installing into the printer for the best result.
  • Have a spare cartridge, when one runs out replace it with your ’spare’ cartridge that you refill before, then refill the empty cartirdge at your luxury time.
    Store your refilled cartridge in a sealed plastic bag to prevent nozzle/printhead clog due to exposed to the air.

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