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Reset counter EPSON STYLUS C63, C64, C65, C66

Reset counter epson C63, C64, C65 and epson C66 using adjustment program and SSC service utility ver 4.30.

Resetting using adjustment program:

  1. Run adjustment software by clicking “APSC6364_Ver16.exe”
  2. Set model name and port, Ok
  3. Click maintenance tab
  4. Check waste ink pad counter
  5. Click reset

Resetting using SSC serve ver 4.30

  • Run SSC serve software
  • Set printer model setting in ssc serve to C63/C64/C65/C66 the close the setting
  • Right click ssc icon in system tray, select protections counter, select reset protection c counter.
  • Clcik Yes

Download Adjustment Program Epson Stylus C63 , C64
Download SSCLG Software/SSCServe resetter for almost all epson printers

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