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Reset counter for Samsung CLX-3185 and CLX-3185FW

Whether you’re printing out a presentation for that big meeting or scanning a few favourite photos to send to family members, the versatile 3-in-1 Samsung CLX-3185 laser multi-function printer lets you do it all. And with absolute convenience.

Product Features
  • High speed black and white prints copies at up to 17 pages per minute and colour prints up to 4 pages per minute
  • Fast 20-second scan speeds
  • Print Screen button is conveniently located on the printer control panel – lets you print the contents of your screen, quick and easy
  • Ultra compact, it easily fits on any desktop leaving plenty of room for your other devices
  • You’ll also really enjoy the convenient power switch located on the front panel for fast, easy access
  • Easy one-touch eco copy button lets you combine four documents into one document, saving you valuable time

Firmware version .v36 for Samsung CLX-3185

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Download Samsung CLX-3185 .v36

Mirror #1

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  1. I’ve never used yet, but thank you.

  2. I use this software to reset my printer. after reset , my printer dosen’t 4 toners in devices even 3 of 4 them are still having ink insides. Only black color is empty and now printer can’t printer anymore because empty printer. What can i do?

    • This reset counter tool has been tested and it’s success. Remember, remove all other usb devices out of you computer before you do it, remove power cord for 10s and try to do it again

  3. After reset, my page count for 4 toners is -1 and printer warns replace 4 toners. My toners are original and have not “toner chip” inside. Before i run this tool, i don’t remove 4 toners out of my printer but i removed all usb hub. It is still unable working and i have to put 3d party toner chip cost (10usd/ 1 chip) for each toner, it works and capicity still 1000pages , page count still increase. How can i slove this problems?

  4. Do I need match a serial number (Z5ZTBDAB800067H) which existed in your firmware?

  5. Hola,
    Según pone en alguno de estos ficheros, este firmware está echo para la CLX-3180.
    Y según tengo entendido, hay que meter el número de serie de la impresora que se va a flasear, en alguno de estos archivos con algún editor.

    Yo no probaría a hacer nada con estos archivos en vuestras CLX-3185.


  6. Hi, I have a Samsung CLX-3185FN. Firmware is V1.02.01.36.FN

    Will this v.36 firmware work?
    Will it cause issues with the fax and network features?
    What about the serial number, doesn’t it need to be put in somewhere?


    • Yes, this v.36 is the same with yours, and it will work. There’s no problem with fax and network features or serial number.

  7. Hey ResetCounter, Why do reset firmware places ask for the serial number? Is there anyway to change the .hd file to show the right serial number? By the way, ResetCounter is awesome.

    • Hi John,
      Personally, I have done many of Samsung printer, I remember that It never asked for serial number. I think there’s no way to change .hd file.

  8. Hi

    I have the CLX-3185FW, not the FN, I have been trying to reset the counters, however it goes thru the entire process but still show my toners as empty and the page count remain unchanged.

    I followed it tips about the USB and the 10sec power cycle, however it does not work for me. Are there are further tips I can use?


  9. Hi~

    I have a CLX-3175N.
    Does your ResetCounter firmware work for mine?

    Thank you 🙂

  10. Hi
    it works and with v35 fw?

  11. Does your ResetCounter firmware work for CLX-3185WK?

  12. Hi there, i have one model clx-3185fw with v1.20.35.FN and engine 1.00.31(55)
    i can use this fix? reset also the drum?
    very thanks

  13. Hi, is it possible to have a reset firmware for a clx-3185fw?

  14. Hello!
    Can’t reset counter in CLX-3185 V
    usbprns2 write that’s write fail.
    Please help me

    • Hi Alexander,
      You have done everything step by step exactly as guiding, haven’t you? So please disconnect all other USB devices and be sure all drivers have been installed before reflash firmware. And try it again. Good luck

  15. anybody tried the CLX-3185FW firmware?

  16. Não funciona exprimentei numa clx-3185.
    dont work i test in clx-3185

  17. Will this work with a clx-3185w? It is a wireless model, but no fax and no autofeeder.

  18. Hi,
    none of the two link for downloading the Reset counter for Samsung CLX-3185 and CLX-3185FW do work.
    Help will be appreciated

  19. HI, none of the links for the Reset counter for Samsung CLX-3185 and CLX-3185FW do work.
    Hep needed.

  20. i need the firmware reset for clx-3185fn. thanks

  21. Hello!
    Could you please update the link to download the firmware?
    Thank you!

  22. Hi resetcounter,

    I would like to get the firmware for my CLX-3185FW.


  23. hello i need the firmware reset for clx-3185fw

    • Please sent request on ResetCounter Fanpage! Samsung has said we have broken their copyright law, so we can not help you here.

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