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Reset Counter Samsung ML-1660/1665/1666/1860/1865

Samsung has made new compact model and special for internet printer version with one touch print screen captured function. You can get it with cheap price and suitable for family and small office use only. Samsung ML-1660 can print up to 1500 pages with starter cartridge. But you must to buy new cartridge when starter cartridge is out. I think nobody want to buy new when drum cartridge is still new and bright. So we can refill it, but you will get headache to reset counter for Samsung ML-1660/1665/1666. There are many ways to reset it by software and hardware. Here we show you some version of reset tools.


– Do it with your own risk, think twice before start to use it.
– Although Samsung ML-1860/1865 is the same product line to 1660/1665, but we have not tested with this firmware, please take care before re-programming.

Download Links

Samsung ML-1660/1665/1666 Firmware V82.00.78

Samsung ML-1660/1665/1666 Firmware V01.00.30

Samsung ML-1660/1665/1666 Firmware V01.00.34


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  1. Sir,
    How can i roll back the changes made by resetting the printer counter with a wrong version fix ??? The printer is in a un-detectable state(By the computer). Please help me..

    • With flash new firmware for Samsung Printer, you can flash many time by push it to flashing firmware status by press and hold cancel button when power on your printer (continuous flashing light) and that’s time you can drap and drop rom file to flashing tool.

      Try to turn off and wait for 10 mins and turn on again, your printer can breath again. Good luck!

  2. I have tried above three given Version but no one is working correctly. Please help to rectify

    • Normally, if you re-flash your firmware before counter reach to limited value (maybe 500 pages is the best), you will be success with high capability. If you re-flash when red light up, you will have to use other way to reset. You can not use this tool to reset counter, I have this tool, but it can not be used by everyone, it need some knowledge base about electronic and not for end user.

    • can you please send firmware file ML-1666

  3. Samsung ML-1660/SEE,

    exist an fix tool for it???

    please help 🙁

  4. Hello resetcounter, Please post firmware for scx 3201 printer.

  5. hi
    i have ml-1660 V1.01.00.30
    the counter page is 1570 and red light is up.
    “end life …”
    now how do i reset counter?

    When I run the file, the printer lights are blinking. This continues for infinite time. In this mode after some minutes the temperature rises sharply.

    • You can disconnect power cord to your printer, wait for 5-10s, connect power again and power on your printer.
      – Remove toner chip.
      – Download firmware match to your firmware version (v30)
      – Do step by step as upper post.

  6. I need your help

    I have samsung CLP-325

    my firmware version is engine version is 1.00.31

    I need firmware

    • Reset this product line is the same to ML-1660, and sometime reflashing firmware can fail. So we need to do it by other method, that’s write directly to toner chip. We will update this method soon. Please keep back here to update. Thanks

  7. Hello,

    I have tried this fix for my ML-1660, firmware version V1.20.0030f, but it did not work. Now my printer is stuck with a solid red light, and my computer cannot recognise it. It also makes a strange noise when I switch it on and I am afraid of it overheating.

    Please tell me how I can remove the changes that I made and put it back to the way it was before. I am really stuck here! 🙁

  8. All the provided links does not work. if u hav new link plz give it. thankx

  9. Dear,
    All link doesn’t work. Could you please update again all above link?

  10. Dear,
    i applied the “Samsung ML-1660/1665/1666 Firmware V01.00.30” in my Sansung ML-1666 using windows 7. After doing this my Sansung does not work. i can not able to recognize my computer printer USB port. On the other hand, i observed that printer both LED light is in on condition (LED light are shining). I push both LED several time but it’s not response.

    Please advice, if you have any way to solve this problem.

  11. thank you reset counter, now my printer is destroyed.
    I should have availed of a professional printer reset shop, now my cost is twice now.

    • I’m very sorry about your printer. But it’s hard to damage to your printer as you said “destroyed”.

  12. i applied the “Samsung ML-1660/1665/1666 Firmware V01.00.34″ in my Sansung ML-1666 using windows 7. After doing this printer is not able to recognize my computer USB port. On the other hand, i observed that on printer both LED light is in on condition (LED light are shining). I push both LED several time but it’s not response.

    Please advice, if you have any way to solve this problem.
    Also If i replace with new cartridge, will it work. I mean with the software you provided are the changes done to printer or cartridge?

  13. required ML1666 printer firmware please help me


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