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Reset Epson Stylus T11 and T13

We have posted an article about hard reset for T11 by hacking to reset counter chip on mainboard. But it is not suitable for new end user, here this way, you can do it with software (Adjustment Program, thanked to OrTHoTaMiNe).

Step 1: Download and extract to C:\AdjPro
Step 2:
With T11:
– You can use auto.bat to start AdjPro.
– Or you can set your system date/time to: 07/07/2009 and double click Loader.exe to  load AdjPro.exe
Note: don’t click to AdjPro.exe directly
With T13:
– You only start adjustment program with adjpro.exe no need to do more.
Step 3:
– Do step by step as Reset Waste Ink Pad Counter with Epson Adjustment Program


Epson T11

Epson T13


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