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Reset Protection Counter for Epson 1390

Here is the resetter program for Epson Stylus Photo 1390.

Please follow the steps below to reset the protection counter effectively.

  1. If you have any anti virus software, please deactivate first.
    The resetter software (adjprog.exe) requires specific date to run and your anti virus will prevent that.
  2. Make sure you printer is ON and connected to your computer.
  3. Run “Start.bat” file.
    This program will set your computer date to 4 Oct 2007.
  4. Click “Accept” button.
  5. Click “Particular adjustment mode” button.
  6. Select on “Waste ink pad counter” and click “OK” button.
  7. Click on “Initialization” button and the program will reset the protection counter.
  8. Click “Finish” button.
  9. Change your computer’s date back when it prompted.
  10. Reactivate your anti virus if any.

Download Epson 1390 AdjProgram!

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