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Reset Samsung ML 1660

Now I have not gotten any Samsung ML-1660, but I have method to reset page counter Samsung ML 1660 for you. So that, you must to do this with your own risk. Remember, don’t turn off your printer when reflashing. Try as below:

1. Download Flash ROM bin file at the end.

2. When download completed, unzip it and you will get two files  usbprns2 and FIX_ML-1660_v.82.00.78

3. Make sure that your printer connected to your computer completely.

4. Drag and drop file FIX_ML-1660_v.82.00.78 to usbprns2

5. Wait for reflash until green light is on. Don’t turn off your printer when reflashing. Light will go RED to ORGAN and GREEN, just wait!

And congratulation! Your printer have been resetted

Download : HotFile

PS: There’s a new method but it’s not tested. You can try it:

– Cover Vcc pin on Toner Chip with tape
– Put you cartridge into printer and turn it on.
– Red light will be on, but you can print out normally.

Try it and Good luck!

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