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Reset Samsung SCX-4623F

As many of recommended by RC (reset counter) user, this article will help to reset counter for SCX-4623F

1 – Remove the toner cartridge from the printer and disconnect the USB cable from the printer.
2 – Turn off the printer.
3 – Turn on the printer when holding  “Stop” button.
4 – We see Download mode.
5 – Click again to stop “Stop.”
6 – Wait appear image1.
7 – Connect the printer to computer via USB cable.
8 – Wait until the computer screen the message “A new equipment is installed and ready to work.”
9 – Click on the file “dwnl4600.bat” to run it  or you can drag file “FIX_SCX4623_V2.01.00.93.hd” and drop to “usbprns2.exe
10 – Wait until the printer will restart.
11 – Ready, the report page count should bring the following information – 100% of the remaining resources and 2.5K. 12 – No need for repeat procedures, for whenever the printer is turned off it will return back to this page count.


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