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Reset toner Hp 107A – HP 107W

HP 107A – 107W, you can not refill ink as usual, you must to replace counter chip when printer report toner low or empty error (that’s mean, ink still inside toner). So here Resetcounter show you some steps to reset toner no need to replace chip.

  • Step 1 : Turn off printer, pull out toner and and cover the cartridge chip with paper tape
  • Step 2: Put toner back to printer when printer still off
  • Step 3: Press and hold red X button
  • Step 4: Turn on printer
  • Step 5: Keep hold both red X button and power 12s (maybe 10s is enough)
  • Step 6: Release power button and press power button again (red X still hold)
  • Step 7: Wait ultil printer power led is on, release both buttons

That’s it! Congratulation, you have resetted counter chip HP 107A-107W

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