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ResetCounter – Clear Waste Inkpad for Epson L800 Series

Epson Stylus L800, a special product for your small office and do some business (LOL). Epson has designed a intergrated continuous ink system (CIS) for Epson Photo L800, “tank system” is the name has called by Epson for this. And it was looked as an ultra-low cost system, but almost user need it’s more and more lower “ultra-low” cost, and we are used to use compatiple or replaceable refill ink.

But Epson has a counter system for this product by series or code of ink bottles, that mean you will get that code when you buy a Epson refill ink bottle. So you need a tool to reset your printer without code.

You can find it here, and “reset waste ink pad” is all what you need to do.

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