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Reset Page Counter for Samsung ML-1640, ML-2240 all firmware version

Samsung ML-1640 and ML-2240, a compact and cheep price and suitable for home and small office, has a starter Toner Cartridge can print maximum about 700 pages. It’s very easy to refill but it will make you mad sometimes when red light is on. So what’s happen? Samsung (maybe me if I made it 😆 ) don’t like customers refill tone cartridge so they placed a counter chip on mainboard. If you are an technican, it will be very easy (how to do, I will post up later). There many of articles about how to reset Samsung ML-1640, but I think almost of its are all fail because Samsung has changed Counter Chips and Firmware (from .83 to .93). After a long time I have resetted alot of Samsung ML-1640, I wanna give to all this tool. All free!

This tool has two batch files have been named step1.bat and step2.bat to make all thing become easy. Everything you need have just do step by step as Readme.txt and wait for self reflashing routing active.

How to check firmware version?
– Turn on your printer (red light still on).
– Press and hold down until data light on.
– Your printer will printe out self test page. Read carefully to find out what’s your firmware version. Good luck!

– Do it with your own risk.
– Don’t turn off printer when reflashing.


– If red light still is on, you can turn of your printer and start to reflash from begin.
– If you can not make anything better, go to Samsung website and download reflash tool (ML1640_V1010083.exe) to reflash it back to very first firmware version.


ML-1640 Firmware 60
ML-1640 Firmware 83
ML-1640 Firmware 93

ML-1640 Firmware 96
ML-2240 Firmware 83
ML-2240 Firmware 93
ML-2240 Firmware 96


PS: Any more help pls comment here! I will reply all.

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