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Reset Epson Stylus T11 and T13

We have posted an article about hard reset for T11 by hacking to reset counter chip on mainboard. But it is not suitable for new end user, here this way, you can do it with software (Adjustment Program, thanked to OrTHoTaMiNe). Step 1: Download and extract to C:\AdjPro Step 2: With T11: – You can use auto.bat to start AdjPro. …

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Reset Counter Epson T11 without software

If you want to reset your printer (epson T-11) without software adjustment, follow this instruction step by step : Step : 1. Prepare tools : Screwdriver + and – , scissor and cable wire 2. Open Body printer : 3. Detach paper barrier After detach paper barrier : 4.  Detach cables (power & data) 5. Open mainboard : Chip on …

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Epson T11, T10, T20, S20 Reset Counter

Epson Stylus T11/T10

I make a tutorial about resetting Epson T11 step by step (without adjustment program). I have done this method and it works but I am not responsible if an error occurs to your printer. It's high risk for your printer. It's high risk for your printers.

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